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Zambian-Russian Business Council

Zambia-Russia Business Council (herein referred to as the ZRBC) registered with the Registrar of Societies under Chapter 119 of the Laws of the Republic of Zambia. The ZRBC is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit organization operating in the Republic of Zambia.

Registered office:

Chiparamba House, Chiparamba Road, Opposite Main Post Office, Second Floor, Suite 201E, P.O. Box 35425, Lusaka, Zambia. 10101

Telephone: +260 211 234 970/1

Telefax: +260 211 234 970/1

E-mail address: zarubic@yahoo.com

 Objectives of the ZRBC

  • To promote mutually beneficial and sustainable business cooperation through Joint Ventures/Partnership and contact between Zambian and Russian business communities; and in special cases, business communities within the SADC and COMESA regions.
  • To carry out fact-finding missions meant to explore business opportunities in the Republic of Zambia and the Russian Federation, SADC and COMESA regions.
  • To encourage the full participation of local communities in sustainable business activities through Citizen Economic Empowerment in order to alleviate poverty and enhance national development.
  • To increase knowledge among the communities about sustainable Citizen Economic Empowerment and eradication of poverty through entrepreneurship activities.
  • To translate literature on business into Russian/English or any other language.
  • To carry out educational academic programs in business, in business leadership and entrepreneurship training.
  • To undertake research in business and entrepreneurship issues.
  • To promote the exchange of information and experience with organizations with similar objectives.
  • To carry out any activities which, may promote the implementation of the above objectives.

Contact person:


E-Mail: zarubic@yahoo.com / musetatowecie@yahoo.com

Mobile phone: +260 978 314 312 / +260 955 448 690