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The Association for Economic Cooperation with African Countries (AECAS) was created following the first Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi in 2019. Since that time, it has been promoting comprehensive economic and humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Africa with a view to bolster Russian-African trade and discover new opportunities in the region. 

The Association is a non-profit corporate organization that coordinates political and diplomatic support for Russian business projects on the African continent, working in concert with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other specialized government agencies of Africa and Russia to foster productive dialogue between private and public sectors.

The AECAS unites companies that already operate in Africa or have firm plans to enter African markets. The Association promotes its members’ investment projects, fosters exchange of best practices and advances productive engagement with African and Russian governments, business councils, scientific community and civil society.

More information is available on https://www.africa-rus.com/info@africa-rus.com, +7-495-407-16-08.