In 1986 in Lusaka, an association known as the Zambia-USSR friendship association (ZUFA) was established. It was later re-established in July of 2007, under a new name; The Zambia-Russia Graduates Cultural Association (Zam-Rus). Zam-Rus is registered as a cultural association under the Societies Act of the laws of Zambia. Its registered office or headquarters is at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture . (Stand 148, Freedom Way, City Centre, P.O.Box 30198, Lusaka).

The association is headed by an executive committee which consists of the Chairman, vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Secretary for finance, Secretary for publicity, Secretary for academic affairs, Secretary for cultural affairs and 5 committee members. Its members are university graduates of former USSR and Russia's institutes of higher education. Zam-Rus has general meetings once a month. The Executive Committee however also meets once a month in order to plan for the general meeting. During the Zam-Rus general meetings, members speak mostly Russian. This is just a way of keeping the knowledge of the Russian language alive.

The Zam-Rus has a constitution by which it abides. The fundamental aims and objectives of Zam-Rus are to unite the citizens of the Republic of Zambia and the Russian Federation and stand for further development of fruitful mutual co-operation between the two countries in their struggle to consolidate economic, cultural, scientific and educational development. In addition, the association strives to work for friendship and greater understanding between the people of the Republic of Zambia and the Russian Federation and also to promote the exchange of information about the two countries on reciprocal bases.

We urge all graduates of former USSR and Russia's institutes of higher education to become members of Zam-Rus so as to enable each other to share fruitful ideas and help those who are in need of employment and also to keep in touch with old friends.

The Executive Committee:


  1. Chairman – Mr. Michael Mbangweta
  2. Vice Chairman – Mr. Abraham Ngoyi
  3. Secretary General – Mr. Mwenge Mulenga
  4. Secretary School and Cultural Affairs – Dr. Lubasi Manyndo
  5. Committee Members:

- Mr. Aaron Zemba 
- Ms. Juliana Ngalande 
- Mr. Martin Phiri 
- Mr. Sibeti Masuku 
- Mr. Moses Mukosha