1. Name of organization

  1. The name of the organization is Zambia-Russia Business Council (herein referred to as the ZRBC ) registered with the Registrar of Societies under Chapter 119 of the Laws of the Republic of Zambia.
  2. The ZRBC is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit organization operating in the Republic of Zambia.


2.Registered office

Chiparamba House,

Chiparamba Road, Opposite Main Post Office, Second Floor, Suite 201E

P.O. Box 35425,

Lusaka, Zambia. 10101

Telephone: +260 211 234 970/1

Telefax: +260 211 234 970/1

E-mail address:

  1. Physical address
  2. Postal аddress
  3. Telephone, Telefax and E-mail Address


3. Objectives of the ZRBC

  1. To promote mutually beneficial and sustainable business cooperation through Joint Ventures/Partnership and contact between Zambian and Russian business communities; and in special cases, business communities within the SADC and COMESA regions.
  2. To carry out fact-finding missions meant to explore business opportunities in the Republic of Zambia and the Russian Federation, SADC and COMESA regions.
  3. To encourage the full participation of local communities in sustainable business activities through Citizen Economic Empowerment in order to alleviate poverty and enhance national development.
  4. To increase knowledge among the communities about sustainable Citizen Economic Empowerment and eradication of poverty through entrepreneurship activities.
  5. To translate literature on business into Russian/English or any other language.
  6. To carry out educational academic programs in business, in business leadership and entrepreneurship training.
  7. To undertake research in business and entrepreneurship issues.
  8. To promote the exchange of information and experience with organizations with similar objectives.
  9. To carry out any activities which, may promote the implementation of the above objectives.



Contact person:




Mobile phone: +260 978 314 312

+260 955 448 690